Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

11.11.2012 Older AOL Versions
It's been a while... a long while... but today I decided to add a page with older AOL versions because a lot of the progs require a certain version of AOL, and believe it or not those versions more than likely aren't the current version. So I thought I'd add a page where those versions could be downloaded in case you don't happen to be using a version of AOL prior to version 6.0. You can get to this page by going to the Progs section, or you can go directly to the Older AOL Versions page.

06.28.2005 Multiple Images Pages
I just got done messing with my images pages and now it shows 10 images per page and has a first page, previous page, page 1, 2, 3, etc., next page, and last page links... this will make the page load faster for people on slower connections and will also make it so there isn't a huge list of images... I may also do this to the jokes page, I'm not sure yet but definately not now... but that's it for now, I have stuff to do... see ya

06.20.2005 Images Page Redesigned
Hey everybody... tonight I decided to redo my entire images page so that it wasn't a bunch of different pages so now it uses a MySQL database. Basically what this means is it'll be much easier for me to add, edit, and remove images. So why didn't I do this before? Because it's a pain in the ass to do... but once you get it done, it's nice. I've done this with my jokes page a while back... The only change you should be able to notice is a counter at the bottom of each page to show how many times the picture has been viewed. But now after a few problems and I'll say four hours, I'm finally done. Now my goals are to make a rating system so you guys can rate it (1 to 5 or something) and possibly display like 20 per page then have a next page link since now there's 55 pictures up and I'll probably be adding a lot more now since it's so much easier. But it's a little past 3:00am and I'm about to pass out so I think I'm done for the night.

06.05.2005 Guestbook Removed
I got rid of my guestbook. It was pretty pointless anyways. Apparently there was an exploit for the version of the guestbook I had (which was provided by my host) and it kept getting hacked so I figured it wasn't worth it. I'm sure we'll all be able to sleep just fine without it tonight though. That's it for now.

04.01.2005 Guestbook Hacked
I was checking my email last night and I saw there were a few weird new entries in my guestbook so I decided to go look at my guestbook. Apparently someone hacked my guestbook... some guy that calls himself "NobodyCoder" (search google and you'll see like 11 pages). It said he was from Iraq and he was mad about Bush and blah blah blah but yeah... it also changed the language to Arabic :p... fixed all that though besides the style of the guestbook (font color, background color, etc.) so right now my guestbook has extremely ugly colors but that's just to help me figure out which color is what. I should have the colors fixed relatively soon, although I'm not too concerned about it... guestbook functions and everything fine regardless of colors lol. My guestbook was hackable though I *think* because I had the wrong permissions on my MySQL database connection file, allowing anyone to view the username and password. I also think that's sort of how my counter got reset (it used to be well over 2,000 but I'm going to change it back now). I changed the permissions last night while I was fixing it and now I'm about to go see if that was really the problem. And for those of you wondering, this isn't an April fool's joke. Sorry about this.

12.08.2004 Added Jokes
I've added like 5 jokes since a lil bit ago.. I just changed the jokes index page to sort the jokes.. now the new ones will go to the top instead of the bottom :p.. I've also added a counter to see how many times a joke's been viewed.. did that a while ago, not sure if I said anything about it though... but that's about all for today lol... see ya

11.11.2004 Changed Jokes
I was playing around with mysql and phpmyadmin and I added my jokes to a table and I wanted to see what I could do with it... now my jokes page runs off of like 2 mysql queries.. I even made myself a page so all I have to do is type a title and copy and paste the joke and hit add :)... sometime I plan on doing something like this to the images page... makes things much easier on me :).. I also added a counter on the jokes.. each time a joke is opened, one more view gets added to the count... I started them off at 0 because I have no idea what it really was... but that's about it for now..

11.06.2004 Even More Images
yep added some more pictures to the images page.. 27 more actually :p.. had a bunch adding up lol... but yeah i added those so go and check em out if you want

04.06.2004 More Images
two updates in one day :p... just added like 15 new pictures so.. yeah.. go check em out... even J-Lo's "professional nipple tweaker" is there (i'm sure that helped with hits :p)

04.06.2004 Progs section
three days in a row.. i'm on fire :p... i updated the aol progs section... now it has a counter for how many times each file is downloaded.. it uses php and mysql, so now the whole progs page content is all in mysql.. the title, link, description, size, rating, and number of downloads are all stored in mysql :p lol.. get those counters up :).. i bet by 12:00am tonight there'll be some hits :p [Update] 12 minutes after posting the new page for the aol progs, there's 3 downloads of one prog :p

04.05.2004 Updates
i didn't expect to be typing here again so soon :p.. looks like i don't know how to put things off anymore.. i've redone all my pages using css so the overall size of my pages should be smaller (not much to notice though), my code is a lot cleaner for me to read, and all is good :).. also i've done something i didn't even plan on doing.. i've changed it so that i don't have my navigation on everypage, but in one file and every time i want it displayed, it's just one line of code instead of like 10 lines.. much easier that way.. and if i want to add a new section to my site, i just open one file and add the link in and it'll update on all my pages.. i used to have to go through each page (gotta be at least 30) and change it :\.. should be easier for me now

04.04.2004 Guestbook
wow... that's one weird lookin date... anyways, i'm on spring break now.. yeah and i'm updating my site lol.. highs of like 50º and winds 25-35mph.. nothin but fun... i finally got around to adding a guestbook now (notice how the Guestbook text isn't dark gray anymore).. it's not the best lookin in the world.. and the logo graphic probably took me a total of 5 minutes lol.. so if you wanna be cool and famous, go sign it.. it opens in a new window so you might have to disable popup blocking software.. that's all for now.. gotta change all my pages and add the link in.. i really need to redesign my whole site :x.. oh well.. i'll put that one off, too :).. doesn't hurt you, just me when i'm updating my site lol.. see ya

03.20.2004 Counter
i just got done putting a new counter on here.. the old counter added 1 visitor to the total number of visitors whenever anyone went to the index page (this page), and just displayed (without adding one) total visitors on all other pages... so the progs section of my site (most popular section) wasn't adding any visitors with the counter, just displaying them.. the new counter checks to see if you've already been here or not, then if not, it'll add one and display the total visitors.. if you have been here, it'll just skip adding one and display the total visitors.. the new one also excludes me from visitors, since i have to come here more often to fix bugs and stuff.. the counter was really screwed up at first but now it seems to be working fine :).. not a big change but something i've been wanting to do.. now it should be more accurate :).. now i'm thinking about adding something to the progs section that'll display how many times each file has been downloaded.. not positive if i will or not, but just tohought i'd keep ya updated.. see ya

03.18.2004 Thanks
just wanna say thanks to the you guys (the visitors)... recently i've gotten a few IM's from people saying they liked my site and stuff.. dunno if i'm getting more hits now or if it was just a few people wanting to tell me what they thought but thanks for the feedback :).. it's always nice to know there's people lookin at your site lol.. even if it is just for aol progs :p... thanks again.. see ya

06.27.2003 Two More Images
My site is lonely and needs a makeover and updates. I'm not the greatest with layouts, so I've updated it a little more with 2 more pictures I've made. They're on the images page. Go. Look. Now. LOOK!

06.24.2003 Added Images
hey world :p... I added some more pictures to the images page in case anyone's interested lol... just 3 pics that I made a while ago and never put them up or anything... well now they're up :).. so go check em out.. see ya

09.18.2002 More Updates
hey everyone... yesterday i was working on the pic at the top of the page [and every other page]... finished late at night and had to sleep... so i added it to the pages today.. i think it looks pretty good... the text in it is quotes from around my site in case you didn't know.. also... i removed the Links part... that had like two or three dumb outdated links to other people's sites... and it was just dumb... didn't look right with my site at all either... and i just added a contact page so if you wanna email me or im me or whatever... go there to get some info.. also added colors to the scrollbars... think that's all i did today... might do more though.. come back soon :)

09.16.2002 Updates
i'm back for a lil bit... did some editing in the small amount of time i had tonight... tomorrow i have state tests and i had to do some homework and school stuff so ya know... don't have much time on weekdays for my site... however i did change a few things... i noticed that my guestbook went down a while ago :( so i'll have to find a new code for that somewhere... until then, i'll keep the link grayed out... when i get a new guestbook up, there'll be a new update posted so watch for that :).. and now the page you're currently on is no longer a link [look at Home on the left... it's in white and not clickable].. something i thought had to be done... and one other thing... some of the pages updated the counter to the left [Visitor Number ####] when you went to a new page... i made it so it just displays the number of visitors now and only updates when you go to my homepage... so one visitor won't count as 20 :).. but it's about 11:30pm now and i gotta get some sleep for those tests tomorrow... check back llater and i'll hopefully have some more updates

09.16.2002 New Layout Finished
woohoo... i think the colors look decent and i shouldn't have any broken links... so everything should be good... i need some graphics which i'll work on later... but now all the pages will have one main theme it goes off of finally :p... i've tarred up the old site though on the server just in case this doesn't work :)... i've got some testing to do... i'll probably be updating tomorrow with something... see ya

09.15.2002 New Layout Started
hey everyone... i've needed a new layout for WAY too long so i thought i'd try [once again] to make a new one... hoping that this one turns out better than the last few i did :P... wish me luck :)