Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

My Dad

Here's the story of what happened to my dad. sit back and get a snack, cause this is pretty long.

well i don't think many people can remember what happened to em when they were 2-4 years old, but i do remember somethin.. when my dad died. i was 2 and my dad decided to go out and work on his truck. he worked kinda for himself but it was a company that he did crap with or somethin.. he sold tools to people and stuff so he had like a mini semi truck. well he went out to work on it and someone told him that he could do somethin on a truck and nothin would happen. for some reason at that time, i decided to move towards the garage. a little bit after that, my dad did what the guys said he could do, but he didn't know somethin would happen with the kinda truck he had and the truck's breaks screwed up and the truck backed up and rolled on him and into the van, where i was and i would have died too, but i was at the garage.

i don't remember much after that, except i went into the house and told my mom what happened. she heard a loud noise but she just figured that somethin happened somewhere else because they were building houses behind ours. i remember she went into the dining room and started to pray. we went outside and neighbors where coming to our house. sometime after that, the ambulance came.

my mom never knew what all happened with all that, she just knew that the truck rolled on him. a couple years after that, on her way to work there was a car accident and cops and stuff where there. she seen a cop or somethin and asked what was goin on and they told her. the guy happened to be there when my dad died and knew what happened and he told her that before the truck rolled on him, a big rod thing hit him on the head and knocked him out. that made her feel better knowing that he wasn't going through a bunch of pain with a truck rolling on him.

my mom was really depressed for about 2 years, crying and stuff, but in those years, she went to the doctor and he gave her that prozac stuff. well she felt like she couldn't go on without it because she'd be too sad and stuff, but she finally got off of it. in those years, she didn't eat much at all and i think her pant size was a 5 or 6.

well right there's me 2-4 years old, just a little bit happened huh.. we've all gotten over it now and we're doin fine. my mom never remarried, but she's had some boyfriends. they all sucked.. i won't go into those guys.