Tuesday, June 25th, 2024

AOL Progs

Welcome to the progs section of my site. Here, you'll find some AOL programs that I've used before and uploaded to share them with you. I'm so nice huh :P haha... If you don't already have a program that extracts zip files, you're going to need one (try 7-Zip, WinZip, or WinRAR.) Ratings are done alone by me, HyPeR. I'm not responsible for your stupid actions resulting in a Terms of Service violation, so use these at your own risk!
Also, if you don't already have some of the older versions of AOL required by some of these progs, be sure to check out the Older AOL Versions page so you can get them.
Enough of that, on with the progs :)

Name & Info. Size Rating DLs
lethal fragment good aol 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 prog... good intro music lol... has some stuff i've never seen in a prog.. has a REAL OH scroller.. don't mess with the chat annoy tools, i'd get it if i were u 4.4 MB 10 5144
annihilation good 5.0 prog... the scrollers don't pause at all so u get kicked off pretty easy, i like the skins a lot, and has a lot of chat options 2.2 MB 8 3124
methodus toolz 2.0 a lot of options, option of choosin aol or aim chat and ims, some hackin tools... stay off the weird talker 2.8 MB 9 5482
adidas toolz a pretty good prog, some weird things in it.. i'd put more about it but i don't have it on this computer... no skins though 2.4 MB 8 3038
celtic toolz 1.1 a lot of chat options, not too many mail options, and kinda low on im options but there's not many things u can do with an im and i dunno bout u people but i use progs mainly for the chat stuff.. for aol 4.0 & 5.0 1.3 MB 9 3115
aoevil stupid, doesn't work for 6.0, at least not on my computer, no options, no skins, it sucks. only reason it's here is because i already had it uploaded 499 KB 2 2694
aol super free toolz this is kinda cool... looks like somethin BPS would make.. it has somethin that automatically clicks ok so u won't get kicked off for bein idle, has a thing to run stuff with aol (i think).. it just has weird things like that.. it's kinda old though, 462 KB 8 3075
chat spam this is for aol 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0... only reason it gets a 10 is because the skin isn't bad and it does what it's supposed to.. all this does is takes u in rooms and links people to whatever site u tell it to 31 KB 10 2920
chat toolz 2 lots of chat options but most aren't useful, some aol options that might be useful, skin is ok 877 KB 7 2873
diablo toolz 2.0 for aol 4.0 and 5.0, probably 6.0 too (except im stuff).. the password is dialbo rocks... has kinda a lot of chat options that are actually useful, a couple im options, but useful, some other stuff.. pretty good prog 941 KB 9 3105
digital ice this just ignores people... might as well go to ur b/l and go to privacy preferences... it gets a 5 cause it should do what it's supposed to 507 KB 5 2745
dreamcatcher this is a pretty good prog.. lots of options that are useful, good skins, does it's stuff, and good intro music... if u don't have this, u should probably get it 3.9 MB 9 3402
electrik x2 this is for aol 4.0 and i don't have 4.0 on this computer but if all the stuff works and everything it'll probably be pretty good.. this doesn't work on 6.0 so if that's all u have, don't get it unless u wanna hide aol or somethin lol 308 KB 8 2711
final destination this is a pretty good 5.0 prog...lots of options, most are useful, ok skins... i dunno what else to say about it really but it's pretty good... u should probably get it 1.6 MB 9 2990
e=mscrambler v2.5 i love this scrambler... this goes into ur chat at the bottom of it and lets u load logs and make lists and comes with some lists and I LOVE IT.. it took me about a week to remember this thing.. it's kinda old but good... for aol 4.0 and 5.0... get it 3.1 MB 10 2915
rampage toolz 2 ok if u havn't heard of this, u must not know what a prog is... this is pretty good, lots of useful options, nice skins, u can download more skins.. if ur thinkin about tryin to program, i wouldn't use the script thing in here cause it's not at all like vb.. 3.3 MB 10 3941
EoD2 EoD2, short for Elements of Destruction.. i like this one... it's an aol 4.0 and 5.0 prog i think.. a couple im options, but at least not a bunch of useless crap, a lot of chat options, a couple mail options, but most aren't useless... pretty good 1.57 MB 9 2858
equalizer i've seen better progs... looks like an aol 4.0 and 5.0 prog... not too many options besides in the chat thing... and the art isn't good like at all.. only art is the buttons 852 KB 7 2741
inspector gadget this is a pretty cool ccom... i can't get on aol for 30 days though so i can't see if this is any good.. it says WOWZERS! you're not signed on... i kinda remember it though.. it goes into ur system tray and if u right click the icon it shows u the command things 1.68 MB 8 3009